Does Heartburn No More Work?


So Does Heartburn No More Work?

If you’re an average Internet user, the most  important question you should ask yourself  is “Does heartburn no more work?“.

And yes you should really do a research on the net before you buy stuff online. There are plenty of great products to choose from, but also quite a few overhyped low quality e-books.

Now that you probably red my review on Jeff Martins Heartburn No More, the next thing you need to do is find a proof from real people. Who can prove this book did really helped them to get rid of acid reflux for good.

But don’t take my word for it, just take your time and read all this testimonials from people all over the world:


Karyn Thompson (New Zealand)

Karyn Thompson “I used to be hooked on junk food, Tums and Pepto Bismol. I had suffered badly from severe acid reflux, chest pains and bloating to the point when I begged my doctor to be hospitalized.

My doctor had insisted that acid reflux is a lifetime condition and that there was no cure. Your book and the holistic approach sounded very appealing and since I had nothing to lose, I bought your book and followed your program to the tee.

I was really blown away by the fact that in approx 20 days since I started applying the dietary and cleansing principals outlined in your book, my acid reflux was completely cured. This is amazing and I was so excited I had to drop you a thank you note.

The burning sensation, the chest pain, the bloating and the constant burping have completely disappeared. It really feels like magic.

Thanks …for everything! ”

Curt Temple (Florida, USA)

“For the past 17 years I have suffered from severe G.I disorders. I had candida yeast infections, LGS and hiatal hernia. I am so grateful that I came across this awesome information.

So practical and effective it’s still hard to believe so many people buy into the conventional approach that actually does nothing but put patches on the symptoms.

I just wish I had found your program sooner. It would have saved me a lot of expenses and misery. This book is a godsend.

Million thanks for your help and support!”

Bob Lubin (Victoria, Australia)

Bob Lubin “Hello Jeff, When I was first diagnosed with GERD, my doctor specifically told me it was a condition I would have to live with. Luckily I stumbled onto your website and ordered your wonderful book.

I was so fascinated by the whole holistic approach and I immediately started the first step. I was amazed and thrilled to find out that in less than 10 days, the symptoms of excess stomach acid and acid reflux that were driving me insane for so long.

Had dramatically decreased and my condition is still improving. No more Tums and sleepless nights for me…

Thank you and God bless!”

David Keane (Manitoba, Canada)

David Keane “Jeff, Thank you for a wonderful resource. The methods outlined in your program are simple yet remarkably effective for permanently stopping heartburn.

I have suffered from acid stomach, bloating and acid reflux for years, including candida infections and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Since I have bought your book and carefully went through all the 5 steps I was able to finally kiss those horrible symptoms goodbye.

I no longer suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, gas or constipation and I try to maintain the healthy dietary principals in the book so far with great success. Tremendously rewarding resource.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Jacqueline Dimmig (Finland)

Jacqueline Dimmig“Dear Jeff, This book is probably the most informative and practical guide on the subject of acid reflux and heartburn that I have ever read.

I am a medical student and have always found the alternative approach to be more complete and fascinating. Following the step-by-step program in your book has proved one thing: the natural way works and has longer lasting effects than any conventional method.

It’s been a month since I started applying the program and the vast majority of my acid reflux and heartburn symptoms have vanished. I no longer have any use for the antacids and proton-pump inhibitors. This is truly remarkable.

Thank you!”

And so on and so on…

If you are diagnosed with GERD, then don’t wait another minute. Get your own copy of this famous e-book, follow the five steps and be one of many healthy people who no longer suffer from heartburn.



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  2. I have suffered from ibs and acid reflux . MY doctor has put me on a proton pump inhibitor which does not help . I have tried diet and font sleep. Well at nights . I would like to buy your program but I don’t have a computer to download the e book .

    Kindly let me know if you can send me a hard copy of the book . I have lost a lot of weight .


    1. Hi William,

      Thank you for contacting me, I’m afraid the book is only available as a digital download, but I can get in touch with the author and ask for a hard copy for you if possible and give you an answer ASAP 🙂

      Best regards

      1. Fasting is considered after having nothing by water for a period of 8-12 hours. Call the office and request a first morning appointment. So, for once, have your last food item by mouth, preferably in the form of protein and make it close to the hour off 11pm or so. Keep in mind that food products EMPTY from the stomach between 3-5 hours and from there into the blood stream. So again, call the office and request the first appt of the day. Take some food with you so after the test you can eat it while in the waiting area. Knowledge is Power! Best wishes. Was this answer helpful?

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